"Love is a four-legged word." - Unknown

Welcome to Singapore’s first and only French Bulldog, English Bulldog and Mini Dachshund boutique - here we curate the Best Imported Bulldog & Dashie Puppies, and the Best For Your Furbabies. *We recently launched a Curated Breeds section by popular demand and have an array of other hand-selected puppy breeds!

Hello Human is our way of sharing our love for Bulldogs, Dachshunds and now more lovely breeds with you!

Health is the highest focus for our Puppies.

We’d like your love for your puppy to grow day by day without facing the heartache and anxiety of health issues. So we screen through genetic health tests of the pups' lineage and only bring in the healthiest bulldogs & dachshunds with good quality bloodlines. Bonus - they also come in unique exotic colors!

We’re here for you.

We endeavour to equip puppy buyers with the right questions to ask before purchasing their new furkid. And we’re always a text away if you need some support (or a listening ear!) as you raise your beloved puppy.

Living your Best Life with your Puppy.

We’ve curated the best for your Puppy’s longevity and lifestyle. So instead of spending time researching for the best products, you could rely on us and spend quality time with your puppy instead.

Hello Human as a Lifestyle

Apart from our lovingly unique breeds, we also have a love for design. So we’ve created a range of Hello Human exclusive products for you to show your love for your puppies in more ways than one.

We believe having a puppy in your life can be chic and easy. And Hello Human shop is exactly the platform to help you achieve that.

with love XoXo,

Chalene & Messie