Congrats on Your New Puppy! The Practical Shopping List to prepare your home.

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Congrats on getting your new puppy! Before you welcome your new puppy home, you should make sure your house is well prepared for your pup! Here's a very practical list of things you should prepare for Day 1. You can add other stuff on later as you find out more about your puppy's habits in your new home.  Most of the items are available in our e-store so just click on the links and shop away! Hello Human puppy owners get a 10% off your first purchase, be sure to get your discount code if you haven't already gotten one.


Here are our recommendations:


1. Wellness Core 6 Salmon recipe for small breed: This small breed formula is suitable for all life stages and has a small kibble size that's perfect for your puppy. 
2. Sprinkle on Bully Max Health Powder to ensure your puppy gets all the vitamins, micro-nutrients and minerals that he or she needs.
3. Add on BioPreparation F2+ formula powder to boost nutrient absorption, hormonal balance and cell growth.
4. Drizzle some Miracle Vet All-Natural Weight Gainer sauce to ensure your puppy gets all the good calories he or she needs to build a strong sturdy stacky physique and healthy furcoat.
5. One pump of Zeal Hoki Fish Oil to top off the meal with some good Omega-3.
6. You may also add Atasco Goat's Milk Powder as a meal topper for added calcium and fats. Or mix it as a drink to boost your puppy's water intake.
7. Lastly, Bully Max Performance Chews is a supplement in the form of a treat that you could use to reward your puppy for good behavior!

8. Present your puppy's meal in a food-safe ceramic feeding bowl.

House Training

1. You'll need some pee pads to prevent messes at home. 
2. Pee Trays are good to secure the pee pads as some puppies tend to chew on the pads and make a big mess from them!
3. Use a puppy potty training spray to help guide your puppy towards where to go for potty. 
4. It's important to clean off all odour on places where your puppy has made a mess. This prevents remarking and discourages mistakes again. Use an odor remover or this multi-surface cleaner to disinfect and clear odor.

5. Keep rags and paper towels handy to clean up messes.

Puppy Enclosure

1. Allocate an area of your house as a safe space for puppy to rest and sleep in. Use a portable dog fence or cage to create this area if you need. Make sure the area well ventilated.
2. The enclosure should include 
- a pee tray with pee pad;
- dog toys (the more the merrier!); 
- blanket (only introduce a dog bed when your pup is potty-trained);

- water bowl.


1. Use a gentle organic shampoo for bath time. Bath time may come sooner than expected if your puppy happens to make a messy accident!
2. Apply an organic conditioner and massage this into your pup's skin to get it moisturized. Make sure to rinse off completely. 

3. Keep puppy's ears clean with an organic ear cleanser. Regular cleaning prevents itchy ear mites and smelly yeast infections!

Walkies Training

We also carry Mendota Slip Leads for a safe and effective way to get your pup trained for walking! We recommend to try the leash on your pup within your home first before going out.


The final, most essential ingredient to home preparation is energy. Align with your family members on the right tone to set with your puppy from the start. Maintaining the right tone that's consistent and clear with your puppy creates structure and boundaries that will help your puppy flourish! 

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