Does your Frenchie look scrawny? 5 Products that can transform the way your Bully looks and feels đŸ’Ș

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The Bulldog breed is so well-loved because of their sociable, clever and endearing characterđŸ¶. They are aesthetically appealing because they basically look like a big dog physique in a small dog's frame. We'd all like our bullies to look stocky and thickđŸ€©! But not all bullies are born with that build - some need a little boost to get there. ;)

Here are 5 products we recommend to help your Bulldog get to that healthy muscular physique🩍.


1. Bully Max Performance Chews

This chew is power-packed with protein and tastes great. They're soft to chew and can be broken into tinier pieces if you'd like to use these chews as training treats. These chews have helped our Fussy Frenchie Yeye build and define his muscles & physique. They're good energy boosters too, so be sure to feed sometime before bedtime! 

Give this as a whole chew to your dog as a daily treat. Or break it down into pieces if you need to bribe your dog multiple times (we use this to trim nails and for dog training😜)

*Only available in Singapore through Hello Human.


2. Miracle Vet All-Natural Weight Gainer

This high-calorie meal-topper is filled with GOOD calories from Fish Oil with Omega-3 for skin and furcoat and DHA for brain development, as well as human-grade Whey Protein for the development of your bully's muscles and bones. We can't recommend this more for puppies and dogs that struggle with gaining good weight. 

We drizzle this on top of puppy's meals - both for our own pups and for the pups at the shop. It works like hot fudge on a sundae to them - the food becomes irresistible!

*Only available in Singapore through Hello Human.


 3. Goat's Milk

Goat's milk is our choice of supplement because it contains the benefits of cow's milk (& more!) with lower lactose content for ease of digestion. Goat's milk is high in calcium & fats, both essential for building a stocky frenchie. We use Atasco Goat's Milk Powder because it's one of the finest easily soluble powder that we've found in the market.

Simply add the powder on top of your furkid's food for a lickin' good meal, or dissolve in room temperature water for a delicious goat's milk treat if you'd like your frenchie to drink more. 


4. BioPreparation F2+ Core Formula

This product is made from the four most nutrient-dense micro-algae found in nature. Cultivated in a volcanic region in Russia and precisely extracted in Canada, BioPreparation contains over 5000 naturally-occuring nutrients! We use this for our dogs to boost their cell renewal for a long healthy life. The bio-algae concentrate also contains the best plant-based protein that helps your dog develop efficient bodily functions and muscles over time. 

There's been so many testimonials in the Americas proving the benefit of this product. We have used this consistently for years on our dogs. Our 9-year-old senior large-sized dog Bohs recently got upgraded to the more potent F3+ Forte formula and he maintains vitality & movement of a 5-year-old. 

*Only available in Singapore through Hello Human.

5. Yogurt

High in fat and great in taste! We use plain-flavoured Greek Yogurt to boost our furkids' health and physique. The probiotics in yogurt is also great for their digestion and helps them better absorb nutrients from their food.

You can purchase this at any grocery store. Choose plain-flavoured Greek yogurt. Do not get flavoured ones like Honey or Strawberry (too high in sugar!), also avoid low-fat option as your dog will appreciate the natural healthy fat content in this creamy goodness.

Note: Unfortunately some dogs are not great at digesting lactose so they may not be compatible with yogurt. Monitor your dog's poo and/or farts if this is your first time giving him/her yogurt!


Lastly, the type of exercise also determines your dog's physique. Doggies that go on long walks tend to become leaner while those that engage in play like fetch or tug or catching tend to be bulkier. Also protect your dog's joint health when it comes to activity - exercise with care and in moderation! It helps to exercise on grass, and flooring with grip or padding.


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