Does your Frenchie have troubled skin🤕? 5 easy solutions to hassle-free home treatment.

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We've been asked a lot about how to deal with skin issues in our dogs. Some dogs like to lick their paws excessively👅, some dogs get heat spots🌡, some dogs get itchy with certain food🥡. Other dogs are allergic to household chemicals☢️. And as bulldog owners living in a tropical humid climate like Singapore, it's inevitable that these skin issues would pop up from time to time.

Here are 5 items we keep at home to treat these ailments ⛑.

1.Hello Human Miracle Cream

A trusted family recipe that we swear by for fast and effective improvements on heat spots, skin rashes, bumps, cuts, wounds, fur regrowth, even fungal infections! This is an all-natural recipe so it's safe for your furbabies to use (even cats)! 

Buy it now at this link.

2. Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe vera gel is great for soothing the skin and we use them on heat rashes and itch. Apply a moderate amount and massage gently into the skin. Best kept in fridge and applied on skin when cold. Follow up with the Miracle Cream when the skin coat is no longer red or angry - this allows the skin to heal much faster from the rash.

You can find this easily at any pharmacy, make sure that it's free of alcohol and fragrance. 


3. Antiseptic Cream

Antiseptic cream is an essential for nicks, cuts and fresh wounds. Apply a thin layer over the wound and monitor until the cream dries to make sure your furbaby doesn't lick the cream. When the wound dries, follow up with the Miracle Cream for fast healing.

Get this at any pharmacy near you. Keep it fresh by storing it in your fridge.


4. Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion is another great solution to use if you are dealing with angry rashes or wounds that refuse to dry out. Apply a very thin layer over the wound and let dry. 


5. Antiseptic Solution or Chlorohexidine Solution

These are great for washing our wounds, infections, rashes or cuts. 


That said, prevention is better than cure! It's important to monitor your bulldog's skin condition and stem out the root cause triggering these skin issues. If unsure or if conditions persist despite these home remedies, please do seek an opinion from your trusted vet.

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